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ISBN#: 978-0-06144948-2
March 2010
Mass Market Paperback
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Olivia is a beautiful and well bred woman. For the last decade, she has posed as the perfect wife. She is very much alone, traded to her husband to save her father’s reputation and abandoned by the one love of her life. She can breathe now for the first time in years.

Sterling, the Earl of Wyldewood is the staid and practical one in his family. He is a widower, handsome, rich, and in his family’s opinion, not very exciting. He has never forgiven or forgotten Olivia.

Olivia is finally free of the brutal and controlling tyrant her father forced her to marry. Lord Rathbourne was murdered, and she is his only heir, but he tries to control her even from beyond the grave, giving her three impossible tasks to complete. She needs help and reluctantly turns to the man who did not come to her rescue ten years earlier. Sterling has moved on with his life since Olivia married someone else, but has never forgotten or forgiven her. Finding he was mistaken, he feels obligated to help her and finds that he still loves her.

I loved Olivia’s character from the beginning; she is definitely a survivor even after being abandoned by everyone who was supposed to be there for her. Sterling’s name does not suit his character at first, his life was very different from Olivia’s and his resentment of her is annoying at best, but he makes up for it later. I also liked Millicent and Josiah who added a bit of commonsense to the group. The plot is gripping and filled with verbal pictures of the group’s travels. The love story is complicated and interesting and by no means a sure thing, which kept me turning the pages until the ending.

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