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ISBN# 978-1-77233-791-4
March 28, 2016
Ever Night Publishing
226 Pages
Contemporary, Menage, Erotic
Rating: 3 Cups

Stella has been out of a job for the last month, after her last employer shut their doors and left her unemployed. With her savings account quickly running out, she signs up with a staffing agency with the hopes of finding a position as a personal assistant. She is ecstatic when she receives a call less than a week after signing a contract with them; the agency found her a PA position at an up and coming marketing agency.

Tristan and Andre have worked hard and have sacrificed everything over the last several years to make their dream a reality. They travel often, work too many late nights and have no time for themselves or for a woman. They decide that rather than setting themselves up for failure with women, the perfect solution would be to share a woman. That way when one is traveling for work, the other would be there for her and the same when one is working late.

Stella and Andre hit it off it immediately on her first day working for him; she is excited about the challenge of working for these men but is confident in her ability. By the time Tristan returns from his business trip, Stella and Andre have crossed the line from a professional relationship to a romantic one. When Tristan makes a move on Stella she is torn because despite her feelings for Andre she cannot deny her attraction to Tristan. When Tristan proposes a threesome relationship to solve their problems, she is stunned and unsure what to do.

I struggled trying to feel an emotional connection between the three main characters. I felt Stella and Andre rushed into a romantic relationship without taking enough time to consider how this would impact their professional relationship. I think it would have been different if they worked together for longer than a few days before sleeping together. Although the author wanted the reader to believe that the three were in love with each other, the relationship seemed to be based more on sex for me than anything else. I did not feel that neither Tristan nor Andre had very much depth to their characters; essentially other than working too much neither had any issues. In fact, Stella’s only hang up was an eating disorder she suffered from as a teenager. The characters seemed too perfect for me; I would have preferred to see some drama from an ex or even how their families reacted to the relationship.

Reviewed by Heather
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