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ISBN: 9781419931178
November 2010
Ellora’s Cave
129 Pages
Erotica; Sci-Fi; Shape-Shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Raine is hunting for her friend, Krissa. In order to do so, she must board a ship full of Feirals in the hope that they will not identify her as one of their own kind.

Connal is the captain of his ship and the alpha of his pack. He knows there is something off about Raine, and he will use all of his seductive and supernatural powers to get the answers he needs.

Raine did not expect the captain to be so inquisitive about who she and her coworkers are and why they are on his ship. Knowing that he is using all of his ammo to gain answers to his questions, she uses her own seductiveness to keep his mind from pondering any clues he might find. After completing her mission, Raine expects to walk away unscathed and never see her new lover again. But in a world where danger lurks around every corner, Raine and Connal come together once again as they search for one of his crew members. Now they must decide if what they feel for each other is real or just lust.

Desperate Measures is a really good book. It has so much going on and there is one adventure after another. Ms. Airies uses the world of erotica and science fiction to show us her skill as an author. While Connal’s character is that of an alpha male, it was wonderful to see how Raine’s own alpha status would overpower his at times. Add in the elements of danger and intrigue and you cannot help but become engrossed within the pages. By the end of this novel, I was ready to see what Raine had decided and whether she and Connal would get together or part forever.

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