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Kaldor Saga

Book 1: Kaldor Saga

Over the Edge
Book 2: Kaldor Saga

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Destinies in Darkness Part 1

Destinies in Darkness Part 2

Mending Shattered Souls
Book 4: Kaldor Saga


Book 3: Kaldor Saga
ISBN#: 1610340906
December 2010
Siren Publishing
319 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Eric is an art student, painter and psychic. The touch of anyone’s skin against his own allows him to see their thoughts and feel their emotions, both of which can be dangerous for him.

Keenan is a centuries old vampire who has little if any humanity in him. For centuries he has simply been playing with his human pets and doing what he can to help keep the paranormal world a secret from most humans.

When Eric gets caught in a rainstorm of epic proportions, all he wants to do is get back to his grungy, cheap apartment and get dry. Too bad,he runs into Keenan, because within minutes, Keenan has decided he wants this human for a plaything. There is only problem. The minute he touches Eric, Eric knows who and what he is, and that can be a very bad thing for both of them. However, in spite of Eric’s fragile mental state, Keenan is intrigued by him in a way few if any humans have ever intrigued him before. The two become close over time, but Eric has some very serious mental health issues dealing from abuse and trauma he received as a child from his parents. Keenan’s world is overwhelming for Eric and forces him to use the gifts he has suppressed most of his life in order to survive. Most of Keenan’s allies think that Eric is a distraction that Keenan cannot afford given the murder of one of their own, and would prefer he just leave Eric behind after erasing his memories of them all. However, Keenan is finding it harder and harder to be separated from Eric in spite of all problems that causes for him. But Keenan’s world is far from safe for Eric. Will Eric survive being the loved one of a vampire or will one of Keenan’s enemies separate the two, possibly forever?

I’ll admit I was initially disappointed that this book did not take place on Kaldor and introduced a whole host of new characters. However, once I got into the book, I was really happy Ms. Hyacinth had decided to go this route. Eric and Keenan are wonderful characters, and getting to read their story has been a real treat! Ms. Hyacinth excels at world building, and her paranormal world on Earth is no exception. Her explanations of fairies, shifters, vampires and the like are very detailed and entertaining. I can see a whole bunch of possible storylines she could take in future books, and as such, I love the idea of more books in the Kaldor Saga series. I especially loved how the author drew out the relationship between Eric and Keenan and really built on it instead of just having it be a quick thing. While quick is okay, too, when done right, I really loved the length of this book and how while much was fleshed out and explained, she did an excellent job of leaving a lot left unsaid for future books as well. The emotions between Keenan and Eric are very well drawn by the author, and I loved how well she was able to show us who Keenan really is and why he is the way he is. The sex of course is positively singeworthy as it always is, but the emotions, world building and storyline are what make this book a keeper.

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