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The Texans

Book 1: Diablo
Book 2: Rio
Book 3: Colt
Book 4: Travis

ISBN#: (10)1420108506/(13)9781420108507
February 2010
Zebra Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$6.99 USA/$8.99 CAN
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When Diablo was a child, he was the slave of an old Santee Sioux woman who continuously abused him. As he got older, he was branded, tortured, and raped by vicious men and he vowed his revenge.

Sunny Sorrenson lives on a ranch with her sweet father, a man not known for his keen business sense. Because she has been raised to believe that a woman’s place is not to fight, Sunny has demurely sat on the wayside as he made one bad decision after another.

When farmers begin to buy up ranching land, Hurd Kruger brings in twenty-five gunslingers to handle the problem. With the dilemma being handled by the rowdy and rough men, he can turn his sights toward wooing and marrying the pretty Sunny. Diablo sees the pretty blond temptress as a wicked gold digger thinking only of herself, not realizing that she does not want her neighbor as a husband. But when her father is mysteriously murdered and Hurd steps in to save the day, what else can Diablo do but kidnap the woman and use her in his plot for revenge against the man who scarred him for life?

Diablo starts off a bittersweet tale of a young boy surviving unbelievable odds and a family taking him under their wings. Ms. Gentry brings forth a story of a man who believes he is nothing but an ugly looking monster due to the scars on his face. I loved the basis for the actual storyline but I did not much care for how much of a pushover Sunny was for most of the book. Diablo is a man scarred not only on the outside, but the inside as well and the damage that was done to him makes the reader feel such compassion for him. If you like reading about romance, westerns, and a man who overcomes great odds, you will thoroughly enjoy this novel.

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