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Wounded Soldiers Book 1
ISBN: 9781621352402
January 5, 2014
Astraea Press
276 Pages
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hannah Baker is a very frustrated writer. She is not moving along in her writing career as she thought she would and it is slow going. Even after all these years, every hero seems to be written in mind with the only man she still thinks about; Rory. Meeting him was both the best and worst summer of her life.

Ex-British soldier Rory Chance is doing everything he can do to make penance, or so he thinks, so it can take the pain inside away. He was asked to help in a dangerous situation in South Africa, but he could not do it - right,? He was wounded and now only has one leg and a prosthesis for the other.

Never realizing they would meet again, Hannah embarks on a trip to see a friend, never knowing the dangers she faces and Rory is uncertain if he can help his friends with the equally dangerous situation. However, that danger brings them face to face as well as questions from the past that must be answered and put to rest, but will they even survive to make it that far?

I love the action and adventure! Hannah is so quirky you sometimes want to slap her and say get a grip; but since it is a part of her personality it suits her. She is like your friend who gets on your nerves but you still love them! The chemistry between Rory and her is electric. Both push and pull a tug of war with emotions. I will be on the lookout for the next book in the Wounded Soldiers Series.

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