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The Seduction Diaries, Book 1
ISBN#: 9780062335012
24 February 2015
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Miss Clare Westmore has her life entirely planned out. Her second London season should be a successful lead up to her securing a proposal of marriage from a future duke. Then she unexpectedly hurts her ankle on an outing to the park, and her plan goes completely awry.

Dr. Daniel Merial is fascinated by the young woman trying to pretend away a serious ankle injury at the Season’s latest ball. When he offers his services to her and her family, he has no idea the events he has set in motion. Not only is Clare an enigma, she has two siblings who attach themselves to him with a tenacity he never expects.

Now Daniel is thinking about Clare far more than is prudent. She is so much more than she allows those around her to see. Daniel cannot accept the idea that Clare will marry for position and security and risk snuffing out her beautiful spirit and quick wit. Not when he wants to offer her forever.

Readers will fall in love with Clare as she struggles to be herself while staying within the boundaries of propriety set by the others in her world. Daniel is the perfect balance for her with his quiet strength and innovative ideas. This is a great novel and an easy read.

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