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ISBN# 9781419921551
April 29, 2010
Cerridwen Press
$ 7.99
266 Pages
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Flick turns heads everywhere she goes with her sex appeal and accident-prone nature. Her life rotates around several jobs that barely help her make ends meet, and a secret that has destroyed her chance of finding a decent career. Flick hides her sensitivity and desperate need for someone to believe in her by flirting and jesting her way through life.

Beck is the irresistibly attractive archaeologist. Under his cool and collected professor nature he has the heart of a passionate lover who is willing to stand by the woman he loves in the worst of circumstances.

Instead of working on a digging excavation in Italy this summer, Beck is stuck working on one in Hartington Hall, Yorkshire, with a group of archaeology students who could not care less. On his first day at the job he meets Flick, and a spark immediately ignites between them. Beck’s plan of digging into Flick’s life and her plan of getting him into bed turn out to be anything but simple when fate refuses to cooperate: “After all she’d wrecked his dig, tried to drown him, blow him up, bury him under a ton of stones and even done the Cleopatra bit with the snake.”

Digging Deep is the most entertaining romantic comedy I have recently read; it is a story bubbling up with humor and excitement. All elements of the novel work successfully together: the plot is very clever with threads perfectly entwined, the dialogue is witty, the romance is touching and the chemistry between the characters will warm readers’ hearts. Beck’s charm and Flick’s wit is an irresistible combination. I particularly enjoyed the sexual tension between them; it is extremely delicious and nerve racking. Just when you think they are getting closer, the author cleverly throws in obstacles that build up more tension and humor, making their first time together worth the wait. The secondary characters are very admirable as well and their roles contribute a great deal. I liked Kirsten, Josh and their story, found Giles’s alphabet game hilarious, and was intrigued by Henry, who is a great mix of a sugar daddy and a father figure. Giles’s wedding as a sub plot is a great addition. It succeeds in highlighting the humor and the romance and in linking all characters together. This book is a keeper, and I cannot wait to put my hands on more of Ms. Elsborg’s work.

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