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ISBN#: 9781615817214
January 2011
Dreamspinner Press
230 Pages
M/M Romance, Romantic Comedy
Rating: 2 Cups

Pete Thickwhistle is a forty-seven year old loser who works for Pure Foods and lives with his abusive mother in small apartment.

Helen Thickwhistle is Pete’s mother and a real live harridan.

When Pete finally gets a promotion at Pure Foods, he is over the top happy figuring this is his big chance. However, Pete is familiar with the feeling of losing and begins to wonder almost immediately what will go wrong to ruin his good fortune. Unfortunately, he is right, everything does go wrong from his hitting on his new and straight boss and striking out, to his hitting the photographer’s cat a little too hard when he shouldn’t, to his “borrowing” his boss’s car and then wrecking it in his attempt to make a fast getaway. His comedy of errors causes him to lose both the newly coveted promotion and the job he has held for twenty years. Just when he thinks things might be looking up with a new job, a vacation, and a new love interest, everything goes down the tubes again. Will Pete ever find true love, or will his luck just keep getting worse?

I really, really wanted to give this book a higher rating. It is well written and definitely hilarious in a few places. I could see where Mr. Reed was trying to go with this story, but in the end it fell short of his goal, at least as far as I am concerned. Honestly, I could have done without the full-blown description of using the outdoors as a bathroom during the vacation part all together. This was a total turn-off for me. Also, the abuse that Pete and his mother, Helen, visit upon each other, although to be fair, Helen is far more abusive than Pete, just was not funny, no matter how many ways Mr. Reed tried to make it so during the telling of this story. I could tell from reading this book that with different material the author is a very gifted storyteller, but in my opinion he needs to pick different subject matter. Abuse is not funny. To top matters off, at the end when I was certain Pete was going to finally grow a brain (which would have then caused me to give this book a higher rating), he does the exact opposite and gives in to the circumstances surrounding his life and his mother’s abusive and manipulative ways. At that point I threw up my hands and said aloud, “I’ve had enough.”

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