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August 10, 2015
Loose Id LLC
293 pages
Urban Fantasy, Romance, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Orchid Teixeira, a widow, single mother, and succubus, will do anything, even get her hands dirty, in order to provide for her daughter and loved ones. One night at the sex club, Kiss, she meets the uber sexy Max while partaking in a sizzling ménage. Despite being a strong and independent succubus, she finds herself fascinated by Max and his alpha tendencies, and scorching talents in the sex department.

Max Hawthorne, federal agent and incubus, is there to investigate the plague of vampires. An unexpected influx of vampires plague the Atlanta streets and succubi are their prime targets. One minute he meets Orchid during a hot encounter at a sex club, the next he is saving her from two vampires in the parking lot. Why is he really in Atlanta and why is he so dedicated to chasing Orchid?

Lately there has been an increase of missing persons and vampire sightings. Victor, Orchid’s father in law, is head of a prominent incubus family and obsessed with the purity of the breed. Are they related? Can Max separate his growing love for Orchid from her ties to his prime suspect? Will she see the truth before it is too late, or will she lose everything she loves; her family, and burgeoning love for Max?

This book was well written and pulled me in from page one. I really enjoyed the lore used to describe vampires and the origins for succubi and incubi. Dirty is certainly an apt name. Dirty, kinky sex, (including some BDSM and multiple ménages including MM, MMF, and FFM groupings) and dirty deeds done. The story was not only sexy at times, but had an intriguing plot, vivid characters, colorfully detailed descriptions, and it all sprinkled here and there with hot-hot sex scenes to keep it spicy.

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