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Team Paladin
Book 1: Lucky's Seven

Team Paladin, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781772337082
February 2016
Evernight Publishing
75 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Forrest Bell has just given up on everything and while he would never contemplate suicide, he is just waiting to die. He is a marine veteran who lost his legs, as well as a black panther shifter.

Kris Kelly is a musician who is just biding his time until his big break. Unfortunately, his taste in men leaves something to be desired, and when he catches his current paramour cheating on him, he thinks getting drunk is the solution. Again unfortunately, this winds him up in the local drunk tank where his uncle informs him he can either stay or go out to the middle of nowhere and live with his uncle's retired marine friends for a month. Kris chooses the marines rather than staying in jail.

Forrest knows something is up when his former commander calls him and requests a favor. When the favor is that Team Paladin will babysit his nephew Kris for a month, his panther sits up and takes notice. He knows that something important is about to happen. When he meets Kris for the first time he knows what it is, Kris is his mate. But Kris is human and since shifters are secret, it is going to take time to ease Kris into his world. However, when he learns that Kris is a musician who wants to make it big and is just waiting for his big break, he does not want his need for the great outdoors and his injuries, to hold the man back. As their feelings develop into love, Forrest makes a decision that could not only destroy their budding relationship, but Kris's budding music career as well. Will these two figure out that they are better together, or will Kris leave at the end of the month causing two broken hearts?

This is my first book by Keely Jakes, but it will certainly not be my last! I loved Dirty Irishman! Most shifter stories have wounded shifters who lose their limbs having the ability to grow them back via shifting. I really loved the fact that Ms. Jakes did not go this route and did not make shifters seem absolutely invincible, and able to survive almost anything. The characters in this book are real, and while many of them are shifters, they are also regular people with problems to solve. While not being able to run any longer as his panther is hard on Forrest, it does not mean he just stops shifting all together and I liked that. Forrest and Kris together are a raging wildfire in the sack, but the emotions are there too from the very beginning and Ms. Jakes navigated the waters of love at first sight very well. If you love original shifter love stories and m/m romance then you will love Dirty Irishman. I for one am off to get any other books in this series so I can get caught up!

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