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Wild Seasons Series
Book 1: Sweet Filthy Boy
Book 2: Dirty Rowdy Thing
Book 3: Dark Wild Night
Book 4: Wicked Sexy Liar

Wild Seasons Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781476777962/9781476777979
November 4, 2014
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
326 Pages
Romance, Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

A twelve-hour marriage is hard to forget when the groom is more of a man than anyone Vega Harlow has ever been with. Usually men are easily forgotten for Vega, rarely making it into her close circle of friends. Not this man.

The fishing industry in Vancouver is being hit hard and commercial fisherman Finn Roberts is feeling the strain. His family’s business is going to collapse unless he accepts the deal in LA, which will turn his boat and his family into the next reality TV show.

After the surprise of seeing Finn on her home turf, Vega is completely unprepared for a second, much more devastating shock. Vega is a fixer, and when that is not an option, Finn becomes the perfect diversion. Together they set fire to the sheets, desperately trying to forget while also keeping their hearts out of the equation. A thousand miles and very pressing family obligations separate their real lives, making any chance of this working slim to none.

When you have a tough and rugged fisherman squaring off against an LA girl who is so smart and sexy it is scary, there is no doubt the fireworks are going to be spectacular. Vega Harlow, smart as a whip and as seductive as her name, lights this story up with her candidness and her heart. She is a force greater than anything Finn has ever encountered, and if he is smart he will hold on with everything he has. This author duo gives it their all, from the Beautiful Bastard series to now the Wild Seasons Series, every book is fantastic and you are going to love each and every character!

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