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ISBN: 978-0-578-02093-8
April 2009
Night to Dawn Books
244 Pages
Horror / Dark Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

He vowed this would be the last time he stepped into the disco club, The Blue, but Paul Priestly never guessed how right and wrong he was. So many rejections can make a man do some crazy things, but when that man becomes a vampire, the world better stop and take notice.

Never one to take the easy route, Miles Henry becomes one of the elite undercover operatives for the Secret Compass. Their mission is to eradicate the vampire vermin from the earth. However, his mission is much more personal, and he vows to take out the one vampire who murdered his niece.

Paul admits to making a multitude of mistakes after his turning, but he cannot understand the personal vendetta the Secret Compass seems to have against him. He moves constantly to avoid their attacks, and over the span of many years, he circles the globe. The close calls happen with frightening frequency and still Paul manages to escape, much to the frustration of Miles and the Secret Compass. Miles knows his age is catching up with him, and if he cannot fulfill his personal vow, he can only pray that his great nephew will continue the fight.

Understanding and enjoying the axe that Paul has to grind against the “jockettes” of the world is just not quite happening for me. He seems to go off half-cocked most of the time, and it is hard to either feel sorry for him or have a sense of justice when he rids the world of nasty people. As for the majority of content in this book, world history seems to be the reigning theme, the detail of which is well researched and delivered with a true sense of imagination and knowledge.

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