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A Chef’s Toque Romance
Book 2 featuring Cassie Pirelli
ISBN# 9780803474598
13 April 2012
Avalon Books
Hard Cover
208 Pages
Romance Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Completing her cooking school externship is all Cassie Pirelli can concentrates on. Her unrelenting hours, however, are not paying the rent, meaning she may lose the apartment she loves so dearly.

Construction work pays the bills, yet Josh Benson is looking for something more. He may have just found it, although the project is about to prove more frustrating than he anticipated.

No matter how much her mother pleads and pushes, Cass has no time or inclination to get drawn into another relationship. She is just too busy right at the moment to think about guys. So when Josh shows up in the restaurant, she is completely blindsided. Unfortunately, it is only the beginning of her turmoil, as she also sets out to open her own business. Josh is a contractor who wants to be a boyfriend, making Cassie all the more anxious and horribly out of sorts.

Although Cassie is nearly thirty, readers would almost imagine she is just hitting puberty. High drama seems to be her answer for everything, making readers wonder how in the world she can possibly run her own business, without destroying everything in the process. Josh, however, lays it all on the line, albeit a little prematurely, although readers have to admire him for knowing what he wants and being adult enough not to play games. In my opinion, a little maturity will go a long way to making Cassie a more entertaining and enjoyable character.

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