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March 2, 2015
Champagne Books
377 pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Raiting: 3 Cups

Nieve, an Elonian, is the king’s champion and tasked to bring the chosen one of prophecy from the kindred world to their side. First she will have to convince her that magic, Elonia, and the prophecy are indeed true. Then she will have to persuade her of the fact that the other side, the Shades, also want her for their own reasons. Before the arrival of the prophecy, there was nothing to her life beyond her duty to king and world. That is, until she meets the one who will make her question that life and her allegiances.

Lea, a scientist, finds it hard to believe that she is the one spoken of in prophecy; much less that magic is in fact real. Before she is presented with the facts and brought to Elonia, she denies what all Nieve tries to convince her of. Once there, her training in combat, weapons, and the magic of Elonia begin. There she meets the king who further persuades her of her role in prophecy and who also incites a strong attraction between them. But they are, literally, from different worlds despite her true origins and role.

Two worlds formed by the gods with a divide between them and earth. One world, which has the powers of light and air, wants to preserve it, the other side, with powers of dark and earth, wants the divide to fall. A chosen one is foretold who will save the divide, but she must be found on earth first. The prophecy speaks of saving the barrier between worlds, but is that the only danger that may be coming. New allies, betrayals, unforeseen parents, and the threat of a new past and future written are just a few of the things un-foretold.

The story is reminiscent of other books in the genre, though unexpected snags on the way toward what the prophecy stated added some unique elements. I liked those snags, seeing that the “one thing” the prophecy foretold was not the ultimate goal of the story was interesting. A lot of the descriptions and details for combat, magic, and characters were good, but I got the feeling that I might be missing something with the story itself. All in all it is a decent start to a new series, but I doubt that I would get invested into its sequel.

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