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Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mysteries
Book 1: Dogs Don’t Lie
Book 2: Cats Can’t Shoot
Book 3: Parrots Prove Deadly

ISBN# (13) 9780373268689
October 2013
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US/$8.99 CAN
301 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Small town living is not easy for someone who likes her privacy and her cat more than she likes the neighbors. With her unique abilities, Pru Marlowe tries to stay out of the public eye. But when tragedy strikes one of her clients, it is up to Pru to save his companion from a similar fate.

When Pru starts bringing home strays, Wallis knows it is time to step in. Helping out her human is becoming a full time job, which seriously cuts into her naptime.

Even if it means going up against the local cops, Pru is not going to let Charles's dog take the fall for his death. As she starts asking questions and digging into Charles's life, Pru gets the distinct feeling that no one she speaks with is giving her the whole truth. Her newly developing psychic abilities with animals drive her crazy when she cannot make heads or tails out of this puzzle. What she does know is that Lily is innocent of Charles's murder. And she will not stop until this sweet sensitive animal is safe.

Pru is making quite a reputation for herself as the crazy cat lady. Most animal lovers will concede to liking their pets more than they like a lot of humans. In my opinion, Pru takes this to the point where she almost alienates everyone around her. If she ever gets that huge chip off of her shoulder, she could be a really interesting character, especially when she enlists the help of her four-legged friends. This author is very adept at leading her characters and her readers on a merry chase, keeping the goods hidden until the last minute.

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