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Chesapeake Shores Novels
Book 1: The Inn at Eagle Point
Book 2: Flowers on Main
Book 3: Harbor Lights
Book 4: A Chesapeake Shores Christmas
Book 5: Driftwood Cottage
Book 6: Moonlight Cove
Book 7: Beach Lane
Book 8: An O’Brien Family Christmas
Book 9: The Summer Garden
Book 10: A Seaside Christmas
Book 11: The Christmas Bouquet
Book 12: Dogwood Hill

A Chesapeake Shores Novel, Book 12
ISBN#: 9780778317326
December 30, 2014
$8.99 US / $9.99 CAN
378 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Coaching high school football is a long way from his days playing pro ball, yet Aiden Mitchell is certain this is meant to be. Getting the job in Chesapeake Shores will offer him the opportunity to coach, but more importantly he will finally meet the man responsible for fathering him.

This year has been a huge emotional roller coaster for Liz March, although she does not regret her move or her new career one bit. After the death of her husband, Liz can see no way of staying in her home town, and keeping up the lie that she had a perfect marriage and loving husband.

Liz will never forget her husband’s betrayal, but as summer nears she is much too busy with her new store to dwell on the past. Friendships, though, are practically mandatory in Chesapeake Shores, especially with the O’Brien clan. Liz, however, refuses to let it go any farther with Aiden, despite everyone’s best efforts to prove otherwise. Aiden cannot reveal the story about his father, even to Liz, until he can open up to the man himself. Secrets are a deal breaker for Liz, so whatever this thing is between her and Aiden, it can go no further because she will never put herself into a position to have her heart shattered again.

Liz, in my opinion, is like a song stuck on rewind. She just keeps repeating the same thing over and over to herself, no matter how crazy it is making her. Liz’s hang-up with lies and secrets is understandable, yet Aiden is very upfront that his story is personal and has nothing to do with her. I do like that he sees past the smile she pastes on for everyone else, and tries many times to get to know the woman behind all the walls. With the town’s picturesque setting and overabundance of O’Brien’s on every corner, there is little chance that Liz and Aiden will escape unscathed, although it is fun to watch them try.

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