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ISBN: 1-58749-569-4
July 2006
Awe-Struck E-Books
210 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sonya Mitchell is expert at her job. Not a team player, she has worked undercover alone for ten years. That is about to change when a mole has to be smoked out of the company. Her boss informs her that she must work with David, a man to whom she was just introduced.

David Knight specializes in protection and hostage negotiation. He is paired with Sonya in a sting operation and must earn her trust.

Lawrence Low is Sonya’s boss who wants the mole caught.

Michael Jefferson, is he the suspected informant or just a team member used as a decoy?

Archer Chapman, an expert in explosives and sabotage, is a team member who works close with them.

Sonya has never been one to work with partners. The company she works with has an infiltrator in the organization and Lawrence, her boss, needs help locating the menace causing the trouble. Sonya is placed in danger and David is called in to be her protector. Now, with new members brought into the company, Sonya is the bait and David her insurance policy as they stage a sting operation in hopes to single out the mole. Now the three are caught up in a myriad of events wondering if they can even trust each other, especially Sonya - who has never trusted anyone and must place herself in David’s care.

Double Deception is an intense spellbinding page turner with a well devised plot that gets the adrenalin running. The writing is impeccable and the characters brilliant as they crash into a world of suspense, intrigue, and jeopardy that could be costly. The secondary characters blend in remarkably well with lots of twists and surprises that leave the reader in awe. Ms. Reilly spins an incredible story that should not be missed. I highly recommend it.

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