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Liz Rooney Mystery Series
Book 1: Double Deception
Book 2: Fatal Purchase

A Liz Rooney Mystery, Book 1
ISBN#: 9780373267415
February 2011
Worldwide Library
253 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Most people have some type of hobby or pastime, but Liz Rooney has a passion. She loves solving murder mysteries, and will do just about anything to get in on the action.

It irks Detective George Eichle to no end to see Liz every time he arrives on a scene, but so far she has kept out of trouble. This time she may even prove to be useful, if he can get her to cooperate.

Liz and her best friend Sophie would probably be in hot water if Eichle ever got wind of the information they pass back and forth, and this case has been the best yet. Liz gets to tag along with her boss, the medical examiner, to the penthouse of a very wealthy and very dead playboy. A murder suspect has been named, but Liz feels very differently, and is sure Eichle is on the same page. She would never have guessed they could work together, but Eichle surprises her as easily as he irritates her.

I feel that Liz does indeed have a strange fascination for someone who is not a cop, private investigator, or even a reporter. It seems to me that she routinely butts in where she has no business being, and then feels slighted when things do not go her way. As for the plot, it is often predictable, but entertaining enough that it keeps the story flowing. I would prefer to see Liz in a more mature and professional role, and leave behind her adolescent selfishness.

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