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ISBN#: 9780373795642
Harlequin Blaze
219 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amber Nichols is just leaving a relationship gone wrong and looking for a one night stand to prove to herself that she is not the staid woman she is accused to be. She admires the pro baseball player next door but knows he is way out of her league, or is he?

Heath left the life of a pro ball player to become the coach and manager. Though he enjoys the game, he is a bit tired of sleeping with groupies. Looking for someone who has no clue who he is, he figures he’ll find her in the arms of a staid book reviewer.

Amber and Heath have both found way more than they were looking for and both think they can still keep to a superficial temporary relationship. Unfortunately life has a nasty habit of shaking you up, and this duo are about to get a taste of reality.

Double Play is a nice easy romance between an unlikely couple. Joanne Rock has written a warm fuzzy love story that draws the reader in and entices them to take a break from reality. The writing is excellent and the story moves along smoothly. Double Play is a nice way to take a break from reality and an excited life of a pro ball coach and his lucky lady.

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