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ISBN# 978-0-85715-699-0
September, 2011
Total-E-Bound Publishing
$ 2.96
32 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Five years ago, Gemma Trent escaped the scandal. She had been in the middle of the most passionate encounter of her life with two sexually irresistible men, which she cared about, when the entire crew of their rowing team had stumbled upon their tryst. In Scotland, she had finished her degree, but now she was back…and it seemed that the two men wanted to finish what they had started.

Nate Hunter, edgy and fierce, has had many passionate encounters, some even threesomes, since almost having Gemma’s body trapped between his and Ben’s. None matched the passion of their time together nor the fulfillment he was sure they could have found. Can he convince her to try again?

Ben Pearce has tasted the sweet passion of Gemma since their time together, which was so long ago interrupted. But he knows her fiery nature is a perfect match for his and Nate’s hunger. Can he tame Nate enough to convince Gemma to give them a chance?

Sexually charged scenes depicting erotic ménage play and tenderness from a friendship forged in college spins through the pages of this emotionally charged story. Tension oozes out of every word as the author brings these three characters together… But will they give into the needs that only they can fulfill?

A story of appetites left unanswered, Black has sex literally oozing out of every word in this delightful tale. Although there was no real conflict in the story, since Gemma was willing to meet with the men and didn’t seem to put up much of a fight to her emotions—who would when faced with such perfect men?—it was still a fun read. Getting caught, having to deal with the consequences and how each character dealt with the repercussions was a fresh, interesting take on the expected ménage storyline. Altogether an enjoyable read.

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