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Novel of the Elder Races, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-425-24150-9
May 2011
Berkley Sensation
328 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

If there were a handbook on how to completely screw up your life, Pia Giovanni somehow managed to read and memorize it word for word. Stupidity is one thing, but with the stunt she just pulled, suicidal is a more apt description.

No one has ever stolen from Dragos Cuelebre before, they would never dare. Now he is not only enraged, he is ready to hunt down the person who was able to find his hoard and breach his security.

Her entire life, Pia was taught by her mother to keep her head down, never get complacent or comfortable, and never ever divulge her secrets, but apparently those lessons fell on deaf ears. Pia stole from the most powerful Wyr in existence, and now he has her right where he wants her, and for some crazy reason that excites the hell out of her. Dragos has never met anyone quite like Pia, but despite his outrage over her theft, he is utterly aroused and intrigued by her. Pia and Dragos become tumultuous lovers, but their distraction leaves the gate wide open for one very dangerous and deadly adversary.

If you think you know alpha males, think again. No man or beast even comes close to the power and sensuality of Dragos, but his wicked sense of humor and complete lack of humility just make him larger than life. He can be a total barbarian one minute and putty in Pia’s hands the next, and she wields her power exquisitely. Their story is an absolute explosion of desire and danger, and the descriptive visual of every scene stays with you long after the last page.

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