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Warriors for Light Series

Book 1: Warrior’s Rise
Book 2: Dragon Child
Book 3: Absolution

Book 2 in the Warriors for Light Series
ISBN#: 9781452481388
March 2011
Dark Hallows Publishing
312 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Moira was raised a Fae princess, one of the D’Danaan royal family. While she knows on some level she is different than her siblings and her parents, when the biggest secret of all is revealed that she is not D’Danaan at all, and that her mother has always known, her heart hurts.

Steve Taylor is a were-leopard and a warrior. He does not want a mate, but Moira draws him like no other.

There is a war going on between the darkness and the light, and whether Steve likes it or not, he is going to need Moira to help win it. Moira while disturbed by the knowledge that she is not who she always thought she was, chooses to embrace the quest of finding her mother’s real biological daughter and granddaughters. In order to do that, she is going to have to be sneaky and continue to practice her Fae warrior arts, as well as, a few other gifts that seem to be due to whatever her genetic heritage is, including breathing fire. When Moira is caught tagging along in invisibility mode on one of Steve’s missions, he is less than enthused. His strong attraction to Moira is a distraction that he does not need. Not when the dark lord is doing everything he can to throw all the worlds into darkness. Unfortunately, her brother Padraig, and his mate Deva convince him to allow her to tag along. Along the way they find Steve’s uncle, aunt, and young cousin only to discover his other young cousin, Peter is missing. That coupled with the bones found by his archeologist uncle that are tinged with dark magic, and the other dark magic sites discovered, lead Steve to believe their enemies have the missing boy. As if all this were not bad enough, Steve’s cat keeps insisting Moira is the one for him, but while Moira seems to be interested in sex, she does not appear to be interested in a relationship, and weres mate for life. As the two dance around each other, a tragedy of epic proportions strikes throwing everyone deeply into grief. Will the darkness win, or will these Warriors for Light be able to stop what appears to be the possibility of ultimate darkness taking over all the worlds?

Dragon Child is a fantastic urban fantasy romance that will keep you turning the pages long into the night. The story starts off with a bang when Moira discovers that everything she ever believed about herself is not true. While she could have allowed this to make her bitter, especially the fact that her mother did not ever tell her the truth, instead she takes on the task of finding her mother’s real daughter and granddaughters. I thought she showed true grit in making that decision. Steve’s reaction to his cat’s reaction to Moira had me cracking up on more than one occasion; it was clueless male at its very best! The world building and fantasy elements of this story are par excellence and the author really did a great job on fleshing out the details to the point that you can smell the water and see the environment in your head very easily. Both the main characters and secondary characters are well drawn and easy to relate to. As a reader I really felt as if I knew most of them very well by the end of the book. My only regret is not having read the first book before this one, I think I would have enjoyed it even more had I done so. This story is first rate urban fantasy, and I am delighted to recommend it!

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