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North American Dragon Series
Book 1 - Dragon Mine
Book 2 - Dragon Ours

Book 2 in the North American Dragon Series
ISBN#: 1610341821
January 2011
Siren Publishing
126 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Todd Zelner is a sheriff and a dragon shifter. When it comes to his attention that young men are being forced to be sex slaves against their will, he and a few of his friends decide to free these men and break up a slave ring.

Dylan is one of the men Todd rescues along with two others. The abuse he has suffered at the hands of others has cost him his voice, making him a mute. Bryce and Seth are the other two men with Dylan at the time of the rescue.

When Todd sees a beautiful man with light blue eyes in a cage, all he can think of is freeing him and the two men with him. However, it quickly becomes apparent that he has been alone too long and may not be the best choice for caring for the abused trio, who he mistakenly believes are siblings. However, when he attempts to hand them off to his friend Gabriel, Gabriel convinces him, at least for the time being, that he is the best choice to care for Dylan, Seth, and Bryce. Still Todd feels completely out of his element and his instant attraction to the three men complicates things. He feels particularly protective of Dylan who cannot speak and has a broken leg. The three men who are also lovers, and not siblings as Todd originally thought, do everything they can to entice Todd into bed with them. However, Todd has decided that because of a dreaded secret he holds about his past he can never have even one mate, let alone three. Will Dylan, Seth and Bryce be able to change his mind, or will they all be without the one(s) they are coming to love?

This is another fabulous series by the equally fabulous Joyee Flynn! I just cannot get enough of this author. Ms. Flynn creates fantastical worlds like nobody’s business, and the world of the North American dragons is no exception. The world building is simply put extraordinary. I especially liked the idea of how the humans discovered dragons existed and their reaction to the information, which was very typical human nature. The emotional bond that builds between the four is written in such a way that you can literally feel what each character is feeling, particularly Dylan; his frustration with his inability to communicate verbally is brought home very well through description and his actions. While the bond seems to develop a bit more deeply and quickly with Dylan than with Bryce and Seth, at no time does the reader feel as if Todd loves them any less, or that Dylan is his favorite, which can sometimes happen in books with multiple partners. The sex and the emotions are deeply entwined in this story as well, making it a stellar read. I for one am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series, and I encourage anyone who enjoys excellent world building mixed with stellar m/m romance to pick up a copy of this and the first book in the series Dragon Mine today. They both totally rock!

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