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The Deadly Mates Series

Book 1 - Moon's Sweet Poison

Book 2 - Wings of Moonlight
Book 3 - Spell of the Predator's Moon
Book 4 - Dragon's Bloodmoon

Book 4 of the Deadly Mates Series
ISBN#: 1610341422
February 2011
Siren Publishing
132 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Jared is a werewolf who just happens to be mated to a dragon shifter. He has been waiting for two years for his mate to return.

Zongxian is Jared’s dragon mate. He has been put into a forced hibernation by his elders for the past two years. As soon as he is awakened he begins looking for Jared.

Tomas is a vampire who has been entrusted with retrieving Gaia’s Spirit, a magical amulet of great power.

When Zongxian is awakened from his forced hibernation, he is astonished at the amount of time that has passed. For two years he has been sleeping and god only knows where his mate Jared is. With the help of his nephew and brother he is finally forgiven and released permanently from the forced hibernation. Now he must find Jared and attempt to make amends with his mate. While he searches for Jared, Tomas, goes to carry out his orders which are to kill the current owner of the amulet and get it back into the keeping of the vampires. There is only one problem, Jared is also Tomas’ mate and Tomas finds that he cannot kill him. Unfortunately, he also discovers that despite their attraction, Jared is still committed to Zongxian. This enrages Tomas and he leaves Jared in the care of others to go and try to figure out what to do next. However, what happens next is not what he envisions for he meets both Jared’s family, and Jared’s other mate Zongxian. The sparks fly literally when these two mates of Jared’s meet, and it is only through Tomas’ uber control that someone does not seriously get hurt. But Tomas may not be able to protect Jared like he wants to. When another of his kind steps in and does the unthinkable, it will take everything Tomas and Zongxian have to save their mate.

Whew! This series just gets better and better with every new book! I absolutely loved Dragon’s Bloodmoon. One of the best things about this series in my opinion is the variety of shifters. Usually with shifter books the mates are both the same type of shifter but not so with this lovely series from Ms. Hyacinth. You get the whole gamut of shifters here, including snake shifters, and I fully expect there will be a few more surprises in the books to come. The world building is excellent, and incredibly imaginative and I love how the author uses Greek, Chinese and other mythologies to help build her worlds. The emotion filled passion that encompasses the relationships between the three mates is also not to be missed. If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Scarlet Hyacinth book, then I strongly urge you to check her out today, she is one of the very best storytellers around!

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