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Felix Shifters Series
Book 1: Hot Licks
Book 2: Drawing Deep

Felix Shifters, Book 2
ISBN# 9781607775508
March 2013
Ravenous Romance
193 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ria Montgomery is an archeologist/treasure hunter who believes that every myth has a kernel of truth. She is half vampire and keeping it a secret from her coworkers and friends as well as hiding from her family.

Santos Felix is the eldest son of the Felix family. He is just as handsome but quieter and more reserved than his brothers. He is a very powerful jaguar shifter.

Ria and her company are at Olivia’s Orchards to research a ruin on the property and the probability it is connected to an historical pirate who may or may not have been an ancestor of the Felix family. Someone else is after the rumored treasure the pirate has left behind and that person may know of Ria’s secrets.

I have really enjoyed this story. Ria’s half vampire nature adds an interesting twist, and her fear of shifters adds to the tension between herself and Santos. I also like the interaction between her and her coworkers, particularly her sleazy boss. The love story between Ria and Santos is erotically charged and the hunt for the pirate’s treasure is exciting and intriguing, making for a winning combination. This series is definitely going to be on my to-buy list from now on.

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