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ISBN #: 9781602828483E/9781602828476
September 2012
Bold Strokes Books
208 Pages
Erotic Romance LGBT
Rating: 4 Cups

Isa is a writer who lives with her boyfriend and is supporting him financially. She begins to dream of a beautiful woman named Lillith, a woman who she is sexually attracted to when she has never been attracted to women before.

Lillith lives in another dimension with other dreammakers whose sole purpose is to give humans pleasant and happy sexual dreams. She loves women, but Isa touches her heart more than any other human woman ever has.

On the night when Isa meets Lillith in her dreams for the first time, she is confused about having a sexual dream about a woman when she has never been attracted to women before. The dream causes her to question her sexuality, and when she discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another so-called “friend,” she kicks him out and swears off men for a while. She even tries to meet other women to see where things go, especially since she does not think Lillith is real. However, none of the women she meets or dates quite match up to her dream woman Lillith. As Isa tries to work out her new single life, and her attraction to Lillith, she also has some nightmares, horrible nightmares that she has actually been having for a while. Nightmares where she is chased by a terribly frightening creature, but fortunately, she usually wakes up before he gets to her. Usually, but then the dynamic begins to change about the time Lillith and other sexual dreammakers discover that someone or something is causing their human charges to have horrible nightmares, worse than ever before in Isa’s city. It is only when this nightmare creator begins invading not only the dreams of humans in Isa’s city, but of one the dreammakers as well, that things really heat up. Will Lillith and her fellow dreammakers be able to figure out who is causing the nightmares and stop him? Will Lillith and Isa who have come to care greatly for each other find a way to be together? Or will darkness win?

Dreaming of Her is a lovely story that I enjoyed reading very much. The sex is explicit but in many cases caring as well, lending a really fantastic emotional bent to a story that could have just been well written erotica, but ended up being so much more. The storyline while a fantasy is just realistic enough for the reader to think it might be real. This in my opinion is what makes this a really good story. The world building is very well written and I was able to easily imagine what Lillith’s village was like. I also thought the idea of the nightmare dreammakers, as well as, the sexual dreammakers was an interesting dynamic. Made me wonder if there were just a group that gave people general “good dreams.” I personally would love to read the story of Iriana and Aileen, and I am hoping that the author will take this as a hint. A great story all the way around and I am very much looking forward to more books from Ms. Morton. If you enjoy reading fantasy erotic romance, then I highly recommend Dreaming of Her.

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