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Dream, book 1
ISBN# 9781619213753
13 January 2013
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
294 Pages
Paranormal Men in Uniform
Rating: 1 Cup

Grace, a psychic tracker for the Army, is called in to help find a missing child. Events, including a clue leading to another possible abduction, cause her and her regiment to stay put and point to a trap that may be set for her. In addition, the growing attraction between her and the local sheriff puzzles and confuses her with its intensity. Her job is all about keeping emotion out of the mix.

Brice Campbell, the local sheriff, becomes desperate enough to find a missing child and to go the unconventional route, which entails asking for a psychic’s help. He does not expect to have an instant attraction to Grace, so tries everything to break through her defenses and get through her walled up emotions. Events point to her being in danger, therefore he vows to keep her safe before it is too late.

Helping to find the abducted child seems to be a lure to get her to Denton County. Other events conspire to keep and trap her there, while Brice tries to get her to open up and reach her human side before she becomes just her job. Experience has her believing any relationship can be dangerous, so she avoids any hint of one beyond her friendship with her C.O.

The extent and scope of Grace’s power is not very clear, and her single-minded affinity for the forest just adds confusion. While intimate interactions between Brice and Grace could be hot, the actual relationship does not really feel tangible. The plot is not very cohesive and does not make much sense. The premise is interesting, but things just do not fit. Point-of-views and scene shifts are sometimes abrupt and confusing.

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