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Dreams Come True, Book 1
ISBN #: (10)1619355086 / (13)9781619355088
May 7, 2014
Soul Mate Publishing LLC
E-Book / Paperback
$ 2.99 / $12.99
252 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

When a chance encounter with Dr. Blake Garrett upends best-selling romance author Darcy Butler’s world, she is in disbelief: the hero of her upcoming release, The Doctor’s Dilemma, has come to life. Everything about him matches her hero: his career, his looks, his name. Even the scar above his eyebrow. Swept away by her dream-come-true, Darcy seizes the opportunity with gusto.

Unfortunately for her best friend, up-and-coming lawyer and humanitarian Josh Ryan, this new development in Darcy’s love life might mean he missed his chance to tell her he loves her. He thought he had time. After the heartbreaking end to her engagement, Darcy is a serial first-dater, ending all relationships because her suitors do not live up to her ideal of “perfect.” With perfection now in her life, Josh must man up and fess up about his feelings or let Darcy - and his dreams of perfection - go.

It is a hard thing for Josh to do. Everything about “Dr. Perfect” sets him on edge. Little does he know that Darcy is questioning what it means to be perfect and how being perfect does not make Blake Garrett the perfect man for her. By the time she realizes not only this, but that the perfect man has been in her life all along, it may be too late. Josh may no longer wait around for his dreams to come true.

I thought this book was all right with all the elements of a classic romance. I wanted to be pulled into the story, I wanted to get lost in Darcy’s and Josh’s seemingly unrequited love. Instead, I found myself put off by the shallow and selfish behavior Darcy often displayed and rooting for Josh to find happiness with his single-mom-client, Kelly. As for “Dr. Perfect,” the answer to Blake Garrett’s existence was unfulfilling. On the flip-side, there were touching moments. Despite my impression of this book, I would recommend Dreams of Perfection to romance lovers. It delivers the happily-ever-after expected of the genre, and other readers may absorb it differently than I did.

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