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ISBN#: (10)9781420109855/(13)9781420109856
November 2010
Zebra Books
384 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Prime Ruele leads his pack into the rundown shack expecting to rescue his pack mate and friend. He doesn't expect to be washed in sorrow so great that no soul should be able to bear it. As an empath of such great power he can project his feelings onto others, he is used to feeling what others feel, but the sheer power of this is so great that it brings him to his knees. When he finds it emanates from a mere slip of a woman, he is driven to rescue her, no matter the cost.

Waking naked in a Sange warrior's arms, without memory of even her name other than the one he gives her, Mystique is lost in a strange land. Taken into Ruele's home and his pack, she finds she really wants the strong man to take her into his arms.

Together they must unite Pack and Outlander, but will her past rear up and destroy them both and the life they seek to create?

Drink of Me is one of the most erotic tales of memories lost and love found that I have ever had the great pleasure of being engulfed in. In a culture of people hated for their 'bestial' ways, Ruele is a leader who puts his people first. The people themselves are a complex group, bound by empathy that borders on telepathy, and yet fierce in their battle strategies. A leader so powerful as the one created in Ruele could only be loved by someone as equally devoted to his people as he and this is found in the stranger who is without home, memory or name but who has gifts that make her exceptional in her own right. A fascinating read from page one!

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