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ASIN# B009W0WN22
October 2012
Torque Press Inc.
11 Pages, 3500 words
Young Adult Sci-fi Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Everett Lacrowe lives in a small town and works for a museum. His world is changed when one day he is transported to a strange in-between world. After being there for an unknown amount of time, the only thing he wants is to escape somehow.

The in-between world of “Dromos” is one of productivity. People have been trapped there for a long time, and others will continue to be brought over. It is a strange place that has no real rules or instruction.

Everything that is known is through word of mouth. There is no pay, and in order to survive a person must work and be able to trade. Even though it is a large thriving building, Everett knows he is in a cage. Unable to live there one moment longer, he approaches the robed man, who seems to be in charge, to see if he can make a deal. Will he make it or will he end up in the hands of the “burners”?

Wow. This story is very thought provoking. It opens the veil between the real world and the unknown. Reading it can make a reader question what is real and what is in the mind. Ms. O’Feden really does a splendid job looking into the “what if” of our everyday world. This reader has enjoyed the mystery of the story. It is well written, with much detail squeezed into the story.

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