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Wolf Harem Series

Book 1: Second Chance Bite
Book 2: Spence’s Secret
Book 3: Dying Assassin
Book 4: The Final Addition

Book 3: Wolf Harem Series
ISBN#: 9781920484248
November 2010
Silver Publishing
174 Pages
M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Spencer is the alpha of his little band of werewolves. He also happens to be rich as Midas, but personally he could care less about the money and does not touch his trust fund, instead choosing to live off his investments.

Ryder is Spencer’s first partner, and a former prostitute and junkie. Kicked out of his home at a young age for being gay, he loves Spencer and his other partners with a vengeance, though he has a difficult time loving and forgiving himself for his past.

Luc is Spencer and Ryder’s third partner and wants to be a veterinarian. Spencer and Ryder saved his life by turning him when a group of men who hate gays beat him so severely he would have died.

Dean is a hitchhiker that the three picked up on their way to moving to South Dakota. They turned him in order for him to regain his leg.

Ethan is a man who has terminal cancer and has been sent by an enemy to kill Spencer because he changed his will designating others control of his corporation.

When a box with a bomb arrives and nearly takes out Spencer and Dean, Ryder is beside himself with worry. Fortunately for him, he does not have to go through it alone since Luc is also there and uninjured. By the time Ryder gets rid of the cops and brings in the wolf doctor, he is relieved to discover that his two injured lovers will be fine. However, that does not mean they are out of the water yet, because someone wants Spencer dead. Spencer has changed his will leaving his corporation to his lovers in the event that he should be killed. Someone does not like this and will do anything to get Spencer out of the way so he can keep control. Spencer and his lovers put a plan into motion that will take care of the man responsible, but the man in question is not done with them yet, and sends another man to kill Spencer. However, Ethan, the small man that is sent is dying and is being blackmailed into doing this. Spencer and the others convince him that they can help him, and they begin the process of doing so. However, the man in question that wants Spencer dead has one more ace in the hole, will these five men survive it, or will someone close to them die?

Dying Assassin is the third book in the Wolf Harem series and a very entertaining read. I had the pleasure of reading the first two books in this series and can honestly say you definitely do not want to miss this series. The idea of one man being turned into a werewolf, and then turning others to help them overcome problems and heal is a very unique storyline. I love all of the characters who are all men of honor in spite of what others may think of them. The fact that they all have such open hearts that they are able to allow others into their little family, so to speak, makes reading these books that much more enjoyable. And of course the sex is scorching no matter who is having it, whether it is all of them at once, or just two or three of them at a time. The fact that the encounters while erotic, are also highly emotionally charged made this book a favorite of mine very quickly. While I do wonder how Ms. Flynn is going to keep adding partners to this group, I am finding that the way she is doing so is consistent, and that is what makes these books work. You do not want to miss this series!

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