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ISBN# (13)9780984021567
March 2012
Seventh Window Publications
195 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The hardest thing Anson has ever done is walk away from the man his heart cannot survive loving any. That man is back now, begging for help only Anson can give.

The day Hilary disappears is the beginning of unmitigated terror for Bennett. He remembers nothing of the car accident itself, only waking up and knowing she is gone.

The malevolent darkness surrounding Hilary’s disappearance is a tidal wave flooding every molecule of Anson’s mind. With his ability to see beyond the here and now, he is the only one who can help Bennett, no matter how torturous it is to his heart. Bennett has always been the most selfish, closed off person Anson has ever known. But losing his daughter has dealt the man a crushing blow. Anson will fight with everything he has to release Hilary from the claws of evil, knowing full well it will come at a very steep price.

This entire story is like watching a wicked storm roll in on a hot summer night. Readers will almost feel the hairs on their bodies rise with the electrical current in the air. As Anson and Bennett fight desperately to save an innocent child, they seem to be battling each other just as strongly. Gut-wrenching fear tears through both men as they struggle against unprecedented evil and like them, readers will crave to cling to anything that feels vaguely of hope.

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