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ISBN# 1-4199-0571-6
March 2006
Cerridwen Press
168 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Feathers has come home to Easy for her mother’s funeral and her brother’s wedding. Her mother had said that the wedding would be the death of her and planned a mock funeral that turned out to be all too real. Nothing else would drag Kate back to the town where through no fault of her own her reputation had been destroyed. She cannot wait to get back to New York where she has friends, a good job, and most importantly, a good reputation.

Max has missed Kate every day of the last ten years. He is not so sure now that all of the rumors about Kate were true but ten years ago, he was so hurt by her rejection, and he did not know what to believe. She is back in town now and he intends to take advantage of his second chance at love.

A young woman returns to the town where she was wrongly branded “Miss Easy”. Rumors and innuendos ruined her reputation and cost her a scholarship and the ability to live in her hometown. Now someone from the past wants to take her mother’s business away also. With the help of her friends and the “beyond”, she is determined to make things right again and take back her reputation and her first love.

I just loved this book. The characters are vivid and real with faults as well as virtues. The two main characters are so sympathetic that the reader will be rooting for them right from the beginning. The villain is a typical bully who deserves everything he gets and the ghost of Miss Lilly is the best of all, communicating through a Roy Orbison’s song, a real tempest in a teacup! Enjoy this one; I did.

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