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ISBN #: 9781419920097
July, 2009
Cerridwen Press
Electronic Book
154 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Daegon Bosaru has dreamed of the beautiful Vozuan woman over half his life. Sometimes it seems as if she is the only thing that keeps him going. Recently his dream has changed. Instead of telling him it is time to come home, she now promises to see him soon.

Imreen Dal is the niece of the man who destroyed Neotia Prime. Having survived the war and destruction, she is now in hiding on the new world. Even though she recognizes Daegon when he appears, she is determined to avoid him.

Daegon quit his job with the Secret Sciences Police to clear his dying father’s name. He journeys to the unnamed world that the survivors of Neotia Prime inhabit. There he joins forces with the woman of his dreams to stop her uncle from obliterating another world.

Echoes of Passion is the latest book in Flynn’s Hunter for Hires series, but can easily be read as a standalone book. With the beginning of this book focusing on Daegon’s dream of his mystery woman, I was expecting their romance to be a bigger part of the plot. While the story was good, there was hardly any interaction between the main characters until very late in the story.

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