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ISBN#: Unavailable
June 2009
Sheaf House
7344 Cockrill Bend Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37209
E-Book and Paperback
153 pages
Narrative Non-fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Sharon was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only six. At the age of twelve she is told by the time she turns twenty-five she will be blind.

Dr. Cohen is a retina specialist at the Eye & Ear Hospital. More on retinopathy has been studied, and he is aware of the new discoveries that can be done with laser beam surgery.

Sharon is devastated after hearing she will be going blind in her later years. By the time she reaches twenty, she is a legal secretary and loves horseback riding and painting. Still, the words about her impending blindness are harsh and cold. If things become a reality she does not have many years left before losing her vision. After meeting Dr. Cohen, and learning that he might be able to help her, she hears he is the best and puts his patients at ease. That is a plus, especially after being around doctors who left her somewhat traumatized. He warns her about the risk and explains the necessary procedures. If things do not go as planned will Sharon be able to live with the consequences?

Echoe of a Raven is an inspiring read. This was a story I could relate since I have a child in the family, who was diagnosed at eight with diabetes. One can practically share in the fear of uncertainty and foreboding as Sharon ponders on her future. Sharon Donovan unquestionably has composed a motivating story of love. She shares her struggles with living with diabetes at an early age, to undergoing the many steps of her blindness. It would be easy for Sharon to stop in her tracks and feel sorry for herself, but throughout it all, she maintains a positive attitude in this dazzling read.

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