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The Saskia Trilogy, Part 1
20 December 2013
175 pages
Rating: 1 Cup

Sarajane Anderson seems to be your normal twenty-one year old girl with a regular job, friends, and family. It turns out that she is more—a lot more. Apparently she is the only one who can save Saskia, (a parallel world to Earth) where her missing mother originally came from, and where magic is common place, and things await her that she has never dreamed of. She will have to deal with the awakening of her own powers, meeting a father she never knew existed, figuring out friend from foe, and strive to defeat a darkness that puts the worlds in danger.

One night while attending a dance with her life-long friend Josh, she meets Tristan who ends up being the mastermind to a plot that has her kidnapped and taken to Saskia. Saskia is a different world from Earth. Their magic is something everyone is born with, people are immortal, and roles/class clearly defined. There she is reunited with her mother, and a surprising new family, Tristan’s group of fellow Guardians, and is introduced to her awaiting destiny. An attempt of murder has her group leaving the place once thought safe and beginning the journey to fulfilling her fate.

Along the way she learns about her magic and is tested in ways she would have never dreamed of. Ultimately she will have to make some hard decisions which will determine where her loyalties lay, Saskia or Earth, and who will live and who might die. Can she keep everyone safe, learn her magic, and defeat the evil spreading over Saskia?

The story, its background, and characters have a lot of potential. However, it just was not my cup of tea. There was a lot of telling and not showing going on, which sometimes confused what I was to think when a character’s emotions seemed to ping-pong between extremes. I did not feel the story; it seemed more like a recitation of events, which might be due to the first person POV that was used that I was not wild about. It was hard at times to tell who was talking and personality and emotions seemed blunted. Which was partially why I did not like the bulk of the characters, they seemed to lack depth to me. When it came to setting and other descriptions the detail was nicely written, I just wish the same skill might have been aimed towards the characters.

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