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Midnight Breed Series
Kiss of Midnight - Book 1 | Lucan & Gabrielle's story
Kiss of Crimson - Book 2 | Dante & Tess's story
Midnight Awakening - Book 3 | Tegan & Elise's story
Midnight Rising - Book 4 | Rio & Dylan's story
Veil of Midnight - Book 5 | Nikolai & Renata's story
Ashes of Midnight - Book 6 | Andreas Reichen & Claire's story
Shades of Midnight - Book 7 | Kade & Alexandra's story
Taken By Midnight - Book 8 | Brock & Jenna's story
Deeper Than Midnight - Book 9 | Hunter & Corinne's story
A Taste of Midnight - Novella (ebook original) | Danika's story
Darker After Midnight - Book 10 | Sterling Chase's story
Edge of Dawn - Book 11 | Mira & Kellan's story

Midnight Breed Series: Book 11
ISBN: 978-0-345-53260-2
Febraury 26th, 2013
Delacorte Press – Random House Imprint
288 Pages
Paranormal romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Mira has fought and trained with dedication and determination and is now the only human to become a squad captain within the Order, fighting alongside and leading a team of the elite Breed warriors. Mira’s battle is intensely personal and often her emotions conflict with her training and her duty to the Order. The loss of the warrior she has loved since childhood haunts and drives her in all she does.

Kellan Archer is the warrior Mira loves and he is troubled, conflicted, and hiding secrets that are dangerous to both the Breed and mankind. After succumbing to his desire for Mira, he vanishes; never suspecting the time will come when he and Mira will face each other on opposite sides of the threatening war. Each of them has a mission, and in spite of their chosen paths, their desire for each other may yet destroy them and all they are trying to accomplish to bring peace to their species. Adrian has chosen an interesting juxtaposition here in that the vampire is fighting with human, and the human heroine is leading Breed vampires. Kellan is a complex and very multi-faceted character who shows sides that make him frustrating and endearing in turn.

A simple mission, one that Mira sees as Lucan Thorne’s punishment for breaking the Order’s rules, turns into the catalyst for a bloody battle that threatens to topple the peace summit so desperately needed to keep the Breed and mankind from destroying each other. It also places her face to face with Kellan and forces them to deal with the years they have been apart, and the repercussions of the sides they’ve chosen. One thing that is undeniable is the depth of their passion and need for each other as they become allies by necessity to uncover the true threat to peace between the two races.

The action and intrigue are well-conceived, and the cast of supporting players keeps the narrative flowing well. Against the backdrop of impending war, the passion of two people burns intensely, over-riding duty and orders as they come together with sizzling sensuality. Written in bold, dramatic strokes, it is not at all difficult to become lost in the world of the Order. Familiar faces populate the book, as well as introducing the new generation of the Breed. I found it comforting and delightful to see Lucan Thorne again, as fierce as he was in Kiss of Midnight, but now confined to the unwelcome role of Leader in ways that keep him at a desk much of the time. The children of Adrian’s much loved warriors have become of the hope of the future, and the future has arrived. EDGE OF DAWN is a sweeping and gripping story of fate, and undeniable hope. As readers have come to expect, Ms. Adrian weaves a story that draws you in from the first page and does not let you go.

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