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The Edge Series
Book 1: Living on the Edge
Book 2: Razor’s Edge
Book 3: Edge of Sanity

An Edge Novel, Book 3
ISBN# 9780451238818
4 December 2012
Signet Eclipse
$7.99 US/$8.99 CAN
368 Pages
Action Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The blackouts and bruises are scary enough, but when Clay Marshall wakes up covered in blood, he knows this cannot go on. His best friend, Mira, takes the initiative Clay lacks to seek help, asking her friend, Payton, to get Clay to safety before he hurts someone else or himself.

Working with Payton, Dr. Leigh Vaughn has compromised more than just her medical license. Patching up and not reporting a gunshot wound is one thing. Letting a rabid killer walk around free is something else entirely.

Clay’s aversion to doctors is of almost phobic proportions, so Leigh knows she has her work cut out for her just to keep him from bolting. Whoever messed with Clay’s mind did a thorough job, yet the man himself stirs up all kinds of feelings that Leigh has never had for another man. Clay is so overwhelmed by everything he has learned about himself he can barely trust the feelings he is having for Leigh. Her very presence calms his soul, but there is no way he will allow her to come to harm by his hand or anyone else’s.

When you cannot even trust your own mind, where do you turn? Clay’s mind has been controlled for most of his life, and you can easily imagine his terror when he learns the truth. His anger, fear and disgust for himself would destroy a lesser man, but with Leigh by his side, he has the strength to persevere. I love that Leigh is as much, if not more, a dominant force in their relationship, and that she will fight tooth and nail to see Clay regain his life. This is a fantastic series, with each read able to stand alone; although once you get started, you will not ever be satisfied with just one!

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