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Book 1: Thoughtless
Book 2: Effortless

Sequel to Thoughtless
ISBN: 9781476717487
8 January 2013
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
487 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The last year has been the hardest and the most amazing for Kiera Allen. Guilt still eats her up over Denny, although she has to admit he is now with someone he deserves.

Stardom and fame are not what Kellan Kyle longs for. He is perfectly happy playing at Pete’s, and spending every free moment with his girl.

Now that she is back on track with school, as well as with Kellan, Kiera feels confident everything is finally coming together. Kellan’s band, however, is ecstatic when they are asked to go on tour, which means months of separation for Kiera and Kellan. The dubious start to their relationship makes trust very hard to come by, so with many months and miles upon miles between them, doubts start to form. Kiera is holding something back from Kellan, knowing for certain he is doing the same, which makes her terrified this could really spell the end of their tumultuous relationship.

Kiera is such a bright and beautiful young woman it is frustrating to see her corrupt her happiness over and over. She goes just about everything the hard way, when it would be so much easier and less painful to be upfront and honest. Kellan, like Denny before him, must navigate a minefield of emotional meltdowns to get to the heart of Kiera’s problems. The range of highs and lows for Kiera and Kellan are drastic and dramatic, but they are absolutely never dull.

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