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Hotelles Trilogy
Book 1: Hotelles
Book 2: Elle

Hotelles Trilogy, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-06-227419-9
April 7, 2015
Harper Perennial
Trade Paperback
$15.99 US / $19.99 CAN
435 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The debacle surrounding her cancelled wedding with David is over, and Elle Lorand could not be happier with the choice she made. The secrets are still there, but with a little perseverance Elle is certain she will find the answers she seeks.

Louie Barlet is a sexual adventurer. He is a man ready and willing to lead his beautiful and luscious young lover on a journey of hedonistic abundance.

After a year of seclusion and absolute bliss in Louie’s arms, Elle is a little uncertain now that the outside world is coming into focus. Louie’s museum-like home is at the forefront of her unease, especially when she learns of the secrets it holds. Everything she uncovers leads her right back to Louie and David’s tumultuous past, and the woman they both loved. Competing with a ghost is one thing, but the more Elle learns, the harder it is to tell truth from lies.

As Elle works her way through Louie and David’s past, she becomes more aware of just how little she knows about the men she has opened her heart, soul, and body to. Despite this; however, she continues to crave Louie and his touch like an addict craves the next hit. In my opinion, her attempts to take control are half-hearted at best, and doomed to fail because there really is no trust or honest communication between her and Louie. Louie doles out lies and half-truths so consistently, it is hard to appreciate Elle’s devotion to him.

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