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Embrace the Night
Night Games

ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3831-3
June 2011
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The longer their research goes, the more discouraged Dr. Chloe Standish becomes, and time is of the utmost importance. One of her very best friends died during the Change, and if she cannot find a cure, she could very easily lose her godson as well.

When his marriage met a disastrous end, Detective Merek Kingston knew then and there he was better off alone. His one and only focus since then has been the job, until that job involves a certain beautiful black haired doctor.

A one-night stand was all it took for Chloe to understand what absolute ecstasy felt like, and in the months since it has been at the forefront of her mind. She never expected to see Merek again, but when she does, it is under the worst of circumstances. Chloe and her godson Alex are being hunted for the secrets they hold, and it is up to Merek to keep them alive. He just has one tiny little problem; the people he cares about the most are blank to his precognition, and he covets, craves, and yes, cares, for Chloe more than he can possibly imagine or admit, especially to himself.

Please be aware that by opening the pages of this book you are putting yourself in grave danger of spontaneous combustion! Chloe and Merek are scorching hot, and if they do not leave you nearly as breathless, you might just need to zip that body bag closed. Their feelings for each other are all consuming, and everything but their love for Alex pales in comparison. It is my sincerest hope that young Alex is just biding his time in Ms. Jordan’s deep, dark, and sultry soul, until she is ready to unleash him on our hearts.

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