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ISBN #: Unavailable
February 2011
The Wild Rose Press
110 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Cassie is a veterinary student and the daughter of a famous geneticist and crypto-zoologist. She is sweet and intelligent and very much under her demanding mother’s thumb.

Nate is a shifter and in love with Cassie, even though Cassie has no idea what he is. He is keeping an eye on Cassie’s mother and her research project.

Dr. Joni White is deep into a project researching cryptids, when a series of animal mutilations occur. It seems that only a shifter could have committed the horrible acts, but as far as Nate knows, he is not guilty of the crime, but will find it harder to avoid Dr. White’s investigations. Dr. White has an agenda that no one suspects that leads to tragedy and revelations.

This is an interesting paranormal romance. Nate and Cassie are appealing characters with good chemistry. Dr. White has very little to recommend her and is very abrasive. The plot is filled with exciting scenes and the mystery, while not difficult, is interesting and kept me reading until the rather satisfying ending.

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