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L.O.S.T. Series

Book 1: Enemy Lover
Book 2: Enemy Mine

L.O.S.T. Series, Book 2
ISBN: 9781439177877
September 2011
Pocket Star Books
372 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ice is his nickname within the L.O.S.T. organization and it is one well earned by Nikko Cruz. He gave his heart and soul to someone years ago, and with her blood on his hands, Nikko no longer allows himself to feel.

Her entire existence and every move she makes, Selena Guererro has her daughter Marisol’s safety in mind. She gave up everything to save her daughter, and though the pain has never lessened, she would do the same in a heartbeat.

Uranium is the hottest of commodities on the black market, and with a cask this big Nikko’s team is hot on its trail before it finds its way into the hands of terrorists, but their mission is a bust. Nearing death, Nikko can only surmise that he must be dreaming, because there is no way Selena could be alive, and shooting him up with some kind of wonder drug. Rage runs fast and hot through his veins to learn Selena lives, but right on its tail is a desire so blinding he cannot begin to describe it. Selena can only beg for Nikko’s forgiveness for the atrocity she put him through, but with a father like hers, it is only a matter of time before she and Nikko are put to the test once again.

With lovers as heated as these two it stands to reason the emotional battle will be a raging firestorm. Selena took something from Nikko that can never in any way be repaired, and the harsh reality of those actions is noticeable in every move he makes. He is a man that has been shredded, but one with the strength and perseverance to try to put his life back together. I was completely hooked by their intensity and power, and every ounce of danger feeds off of the next until you are practically racing for the finish.

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