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ISBN: (10)1877546305 / (13) 978-1877546303
Feb 2010
Bluewood Publishing
Trade Paperback / Ebook
$16.99 / $6.99
342 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Mike Lewis first meets Katie at his buddy’s hanger where she is taking her first solo glider flight. Her smile and vivacious personality attract him, but he has a contract to honor and must leave for Africa. Besides, for Mike, any type of involvement just is not in the forecast.

Katie immediately feels a connection to Mike. She finds his nervousness and flustered attempts to make conversation charming. It seems so at odds with the skilled, professional pilot she knows him to be – he is intriguing. She delights in his company and always saves a special smile for him.

During his absence, Katie makes her planned move to Boston and in the process becomes friends with Tom and Lisa. The pair is probably Mike’s closest friends. They, especially, recognize that Mike has unresolved issues from his past, and warn Katie to guard her heart.

I like this book. There are numerous characters and several sub-plots that are deftly handled. Personally, I am disconcerted when the speaker in a dialogue is not readily identified. I would have preferred to have seen improved differentiation in that area. I was also, a time or two, jarred out of the generally smooth story rendition by an unexpected transition to another storyline. However, the overall sequence of events is well-planned so that there are unexpected twists, adding depth and interest to the narrative. As a bonus, I learned a few interesting factoids about airplanes and gliders, but I will confess I have no desire to be a passenger when stunts are being performed – I will gladly pass. Just reading the descriptions of the maneuvers is enough to scare me! At times while reading, the limits of my credibility were tested but when I reached the end I found I was sorry to let the story go.

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