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ISBN#: Unavailable
April 2010
Shadowfire Press
171 Pages
Historic Ménage Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Gareth is bound for the church and book learning, but that does not stop him from loving Maura and later Gwas, the boy he re-names Harey.

Gwas/Harey is a young boy that has been abused all his life. He has never known what it was like to be touched with love until Gareth comes into his life.

Maura is the woman that Gareth loves with all his heart and would marry in a heartbeat if he could.

While Gareth is traveling with his older brother, they come upon a woman and an abused young teen. The teen is clearly terrified of the woman, but he is more terrified of what she will do to his pet hare. When one of the men traveling with Gareth and his brother thinks Gwas is going to hurt the woman, he shoots him with an arrow. It is only Gareth who truly sees the light inside Gwas and renames him Harey as he helps him and puts into motion a plan that will ensure that Harey will always only be his. In a bid to keep Harey and his hare safe after he is sent away to an abbey, he basically promises Harey as a sacrifice to the goddess Eostre. However, his intention is not for Harey to be an actual blood sacrifice, but rather to save him until such as time as he is old enough to be claimed by none other than himself. Maura, the other person Gareth is in love with, also grows to love the orphaned boy her lover brings home to her. In time as Harey grows, she too falls in love with him. Will the trio’s love be able to survive Gareth’s brother’s displeasure, the clash of the old religion with the new, and Harey’s self-doubt? Or will they lose their only loves?

Eostre’s Hare is my absolute favorite kind of ménage romance! This book totally rocked! Ms. Webb used historical facts to weave a very realistic and historically accurate love story. I especially enjoyed the mix of Christian and pagan facts, and how she showed very realistically, I might add, the blend of the two as the religions collided. Ms. Webb did an excellent job of showing both the good and the bad of both, which I think is far more accurate than just saying one or the other is better, as you might sometimes find in some books. Ultimately, this book is about love and that love shone through in every single page: Gareth’s love for Maura and Harey, as well as, Harey’s love for them. That is why this is my favorite kind of ménage romance. I am very much looking forward to more books from Ms. Webb, as she really outdid herself with this one. Whatever you do, add this book to your to be read list, you will not be sorry. Ms. Webb delivers on all counts!

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