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ISBN# 978-1-927085-88-2/978-1-927085-82-0
October 14, 2011
MuseItUp Publishing
$ 5.50
153 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Lily Delaney isn’t having a great day. Nerves wracked, she stops at a creepy gas station and gets a candy bar to settle her frayed sensibilities. Pulling back into traffic and pondering her situation, she gets stuck behind slow farm equipment. Frazzled and frustrated, she rips open the candy and finds a worm. Shocked, she swerves into traffic, flipping a sheriff’s car and throwing her life into more chaos.

Sheriff Jet Walker is annoyed with himself. Something about the sexy little doctor is throwing his hormones into overdrive. Attempting to stay professional, he riles her and finds her as fiery as she is irresistible. When he searches her background, he finds that danger may be tracking her… and he feels drawn to protect her, even if she is making him crazy.

Throwing sparks off each other, they seek to untangle the web of lies and deception that followed Lily from Kansas. Someone is trying to destroy everything Lily holds dear and has killed in the past. Will Jet be able to protect her? And who is going to protect Lily’s heart when Jet becomes determined to have it?

This story was as full of fun and snark as it was of sexy banter and passion. Coté manages to balance suspense easily with comedy while adding sexual tension that sizzles off the pages. Lily is easy to identify with and Jet is impossible to resist. This reader was enchanted and recommends this book easily as a fun frolic with a mystery that caught me by surprise. In short, grab your copy today!

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