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June 30, 2009
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Christmas Story

Wanting nothing more than solitude to wallow in his grief, he leaves everything behind to seek solace in a remote cabin. His wife’s death left him stunned and searching for some way to endure the pain.

Her cabin in the woods is the perfect retreat to shut out the world, but when a stranger comes knocking everything changes.

He walks, miles and miles he walks, hoping that with every step he will somehow find a way to live again, until he realizes what day it is, Christmas Eve. With the sickening realization that this will be his first Christmas without his wife, he loses himself in the deepening snow and trees, until he stumbles upon another cabin. Inside he finds shelter to weather all of his storms.

This is a perfect combination of aching sadness and the enchanting sensuality of two lost souls finding their kindred spirit.

Love at First Sight

He makes pretty good money, but the thought of moving from the graveyard shift to days is a real relief, until he meets his new co-worker.

She is a new employee at the plant, so the attention she is getting is not unexpected or unwelcome.

He practically stutters while trying to speak to her for the first time, and cannot get to the office quick enough to cancel his change of shifts. If this girl is working the pm shift, he wants to be right there next to her. Co-workers to friends takes no time at all, and the promise that their relationship will continue to grow is a dream he will not relinquish.

The instant attraction is obvious for these two, although there is a feeling of one-sidedness and confusion in this story’s finality.


It is easy to let life get in the way of a marriage, so he is very much looking forward to taking his wife away.

She misses the intimacy of the new and unexpected, and sincerely hopes this trip to a remote cabin can bring some of that back.

He hopes their getaway will be everything they have been looking forward to, and cannot wait to show her the secluded waterfall. He has very special plans for this remote spot, and is sorely disappointed to find it already occupied. His frustrations quickly evaporate when an unexpected surprise makes their evening more exciting than he could have ever imagined.

Vacation has a decadent little twist that will have you wandering, and maybe wishing you could be so lucky.

Portrait of a Lady

He has the space to spare, and Mark is unbelievably glad he could help a friend out.

Kim is a very dedicated photographer, and works diligently to make sure every shot is perfect for herself as well as her clients.

The studio that Mark lends to Kim is exactly what she is looking for, especially for those clients that need a little extra privacy. Ruby is desperately trying to put a spark back into her marriage, and a few portraits of the intimate sort will hopefully do the job. Mark often watches as Kim works, and this client in particular holds his interest in a most sensual way.

This trio is off the charts hot, and their sexy little scenario just has you begging for more.

Mother of Three

Leigh’s dissatisfaction with life has nothing to do with not loving her husband and children, but everything to do with missing the passion in their marriage.

The local library has taken on Rick as their new librarian, and he is more than satisfied with his post.

Every Thursday afternoon is Leigh’s “Me Time”. She gets to spend the day tucked away in the back of the library absorbed in a romance novel, but this Thursday her personal little refuge gets invaded. The new librarian is taking care of his girlfriend in the next aisle, and instead of being disturbed and leaving, Leigh finds herself unbelievably aroused and watching. She wants a little of this kind of passion, and if he is willing, Rick will make for the perfect diversion in her very lonely day.

A tryst amongst all of those lovely books sounds like the perfect way to wile away the hours. Although I cannot imagine getting away with all of that noise!

These erotic tales are exactly the fix you need to spice up your love life. Each one has a story to tell, and a bit of mystery in its delivery. They are all consenting adults, although adultery is involved, as well as a ménage. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories, and very much look forward to more from Damian Santiago.

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