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November 2009
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E-Book (Kindle)
201 Pages
Erotica, Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Self Determination

Jill, is the Southern California girl next door type and is friends with Ian throughout her school years including junior and senior high school. They are great friends but do not date each other although she thinks he is cute.

Ian is the typical boy next door dating the local girls in school and good friends with Jill although he has not dated her by the time college comes around.

One the eve of Jill going away to college, Ian gets up the nerve to say he loves her and they meet in secret and make out, including all the way, as they say, for both of them. Then it is life after that -- he to the Navy and she to college. A now married Jill has a chance to meet up with Ian and maybe have another one night stand.

This is written for effect and subject matter dealing with the sex in the story including adultery and wanting that boy that left after that one night.


Chelsea is married to her junior high sweetheart, the only love of her life, Caleb. She and Caleb are going on a long-awaited belated honeymoon trip. They are set to go on their one year anniversary.

Caleb showers his lovely wife with breakfast in bed before getting ready for their anniversary road trip and honeymoon. He has them on the road for the start of their month-long road trip to celebrate their love and happiness.

If you have ever heard of a honeymoon trip from hell or one with Murphy in control due to all those laws that seem to come up, this is one of those. Between forgetting this or that, things happening on the road, including a positive EPT announcement, it seems that life on the road was not what they planned it to be.

This story takes you on a journey but it also introduces another couple found along the way and includes fantasies come to life for a few with different partners.

Enduring Strength

Sylvia is the single mother of two children trying to make ends meet after being abandoned by the father of her kids. Working to keep food on the table with whatever jobs paid enough at the time.

Santiago is a local artisan, or at least that is what he says to Sylvia, and will pay her for modeling for him. When she answers his ad for local models, he states he will pay cash each day for her sitting for him.

Desperately needing money to pay for her increase in rent, Sylvia applies for a modeling job. Not knowing what she is getting into, she meets Santiago and initially he puts her fears to rest saying he is an artist and wants her to just sit for him and will be paid at the end of each day in cash.

This starts off fairly well and ends up as a bit of an erotic fairy tale with a hoping happily ever after between the two.

I found that all three stories had a genuine lack of cohesion in that they are written more in a school girl theme or frame of mind. Very much like a screen play for a fantasy sex movie with all the graphic words coming out during sex as you would see on the screen. Not realistic but more idealistic. I guess. I did not enjoy the tales, but I am sure others may well adore them. If you like to read about graphic sex that is easy to read then this book might be for you. Especially if you dream about multiple partners and same sex play as well.

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