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ISBN #978-1-60601-981-8
November 2010
76 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Menage
Rating: 3 Cups

Yolanda was a bodyguard until someone hacked into her computer and wrecked her life. She is very fit, but thinks that she is chubby. She needs a full time job, but cannot find anything she likes as much as her former job.

Atal and Zadok are vampires. They live together in the same building as Yolanda. Atal is a security guard and Zadok does bookkeeping and other mysterious things on his computers. They are both very good looking.

Yolanda is thrilled to be invited to a morning of acrobatic sex with Atal and Zadok. That morning leads to a relationship and they spend a lot of time having sex and getting to know each other. Yolanda gets a chance to be a bodyguard again, but her client is not who he claims to be. Someone from her past will put her in danger and Atal and Zadok must protect her.

The author has written an inventive and interesting erotic romance. Her love scenes are pretty unique, but lack emotional depth. I enjoyed the suspense part of the story and the author’s neat way of tying up loose ends. Atal and Zadok are appealing characters and Yolanda is a wronged heroine in need of two very sexy saviors.

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